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The brand has to fight for the welfare of the people!

The brands of the new times do not advertise. They solve the real problems of the real people. The good news is, that as much uneven and difficult the struggle is, that much the sales are grown!
Be brave!

AdHoc is equal to“Especially for the purpose”. Especially for a particular brand, in a particular time. See the implemented AdHoc campaigns and apprise by your self - can they be used from another, similar brands?

We are an Advertising and Communications agency, which passed into the next stage of development. We create or change the philosophy of the product, according to the people's needs. Each agency will tell you which channels to use and how to show your product. But no one will advise you WHAT to say to the people, how to show not only the shape but the meaning, the content below the packing.

If you imagine the brand as a person, the conventional agencies will interrogate you, his parents and guardians, the agencies will ask - what kind of person is this brand and how tall is he, how much he weighs, what are his eyes and after this, they will tailored a new, modern suit or dress for this person. You are presenting to the public your brand new, modern, shiny and dressed in the latest fashion person. And you will expect, after you have invested so much in clothes, watches, shoes, hair andphone, that guy to become this darling, who everyone wish to look like, to be in his company, to hear his words.

And there, arranged in lines as Miss World, with their new hairstyles and dresses are the People-Brands. Each with a unique message:

"World Peace," "Peace in the World", "The world must be peaceful"...

People are watching bewildered the emptiness of these great looking crowd. The only thing that remains is to wait to see who will stumble on, who will drop the flower. Then is your turn – you are standing in the middle of the hall realizing, that only changing the pack is not enough.

Here comes our stronger side – we are the best in the insertion of content in the product, in the head of the Man-Brand. We are able to give him the abilities, which will allow him to lead society towards a better and fairer world! He, the Man-Brand, will give an inspiring idea, which will unite under his flags the society, he will going to create a social group and will lead her!

All this we call AdHoc idea!

Preferred brand can salesoda through proper nutrition and physical shape, washing powder by women's rights,diapers by reducing working hours of mothers with 1 hour, fuel by road safety.

What is your business? What is your brand? Write us! Together we can change the philosophy and the future of your brand!

The brand can change the world!

Adhoc idea - this is the leading principle in our work.
We apply it in everything we create, campaigns, videos, PR communications, events and promotions. 
Some of them you can see in portfolio, although it's dificult to understand the uniqueness of the solution if if you have not had such pressure points.
If someone has not been in a real mine, hard to understand the problem with the safety of people, and even more difficult to understand the decision that safety will increase if you shoot a movie about safety in the mine with  the main actors employees themselves.
So, when we give you a decision on an important issue for you, then everything will fall into place!

So go on. 
Write us. We are here and waiting for you.

Along to change the world for the better.
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